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“Impacts of zero-deforestation commitments on deforestation and slaughterhouse siting behaviors.” Co-autores: Samuel Alexander Levy, Rachael Garrett, Petterson Vale, Ricardo Vale, Holly Gibbs.

“Big data in check: interventions in the cattle supply chain to control deforestation and the fight for the podium between private and public interventions”.

“Evaluation of NDVI using field samples of pasture quality in Rondônia” (em parceria com Lapig). Co-autores: Claudinei Oliveira dos Santos, Laerte Ferreira, Marcelo Stabile.

“Deforestation and poverty are no longer trending downward in Brazil. Did the poor revert back to clearing forests?”

“From Rainforest to Fish Ponds. Spatial Patterns and Processes Examining the Rapid Expansion of Aquaculture in Rondônia, Brazil.” Co-autores: Daniel Harris, Vinícius Berto, Jill Caviglia-Harris, Elvino Ferreira, Thaís Ottoni, Dar Roberts, Erin Sills, Ricardo Vale, Antonio Victor.

“The land sparing effect in Brazil, 1996-2012: increasing productivity of cattle ranching can save Amazon forests”.