Coming out

Intensive animal farming expanding from developed to the developing world“. Co-authors: Holly Gibbs, Ricardo Vale, Matthew Christie, Eduardo Florence, Derquiane Sabaini, Jacob Munger. Under Review.

Mapping the cattle slaughter industry in Brazil across space and time“. Co-authors Holly Gibbs, Jacob Munger, Matthew Christie, Ian Schelly, Amintas Brandão. Revise and Resubmit.

Restoring riparian areas in the Amazon under the Brazilian Forest Code: the hidden costs to landowners“. Co-authors: Jill Caviglia-Harris, Ricardo Vale, Thaís Ottoni, Erin Sills, Elvino Ferreira, Eliezer Martins.

“Strategic Response to Zero-Deforestation Cattle Agreements Limits Impacts Across the Brazilian Amazon.” Co-authors: Holly Gibbs; Fanny Moffette; Jacob Munger; Lisa Rausch; Petterson Vale; Jessica L’Roe; Paulo Barreto; Ticiana de Aquino Amaral; Simon Hall; Nathalie Walker.